Excellent help with my Shoulder problem.

Dr. S – Brighton

Many Thanks for your thorough assessment, effective treatment and professional approach to treating my shoulder injury. Falling off a ladder is never a good idea, but I am very pleased at the progress I have made as a result of your treatment and exercises. I shall continue with the exercise regime until I have made a full recovery and will certainly recommend you to family and friends who may need your assistance.

Steve – Brighton

If you are looking for a physiotherapist I can highly recommend Maria at MW Physio. I had awful pains in my right leg and knee which was making walking very painful. A relative told me about Maria who I was pleased to hear did home visits so I did not have to struggle to get to see her. I told Maria about my right leg and knee and within a short time she said the problem was a trapped nerve in my back! I was not convinced at first because to me the pain was in my knee and leg. But after a few visits the pain in my knee and leg had gone and I was without pain. Also my back is a lot better and the exercises I do are very simple. So thank you Maria from a truly grateful client.

Sandra – Portslade

I have been so much better since receiving treatment for my headaches and back pain, which were really bad. Cannot thank you enough Maria.

Mrs J. Terry – Hove

On recommendation through a friend who lives in Brighton and had previously visited Maria and raved on about how fantastic she was in addressing my friends back pain I thought we would make an appointment and travel from London to see if she could assess our daughters hyper-mobility and associated joint pains. Even from the initial phone call to book our appointment I could sense that Maria was not just totally professional in her manner but was also dedicated to assisting with our daughters difficulties. Our daughter has seen a number of medical professionals over the years for her condition however, Maria has clearly been the most meticulous in ascertaining a full medical history, assessing symptoms and looking closely at movement of joints and ligaments. Very quickly Maria was able to identify areas of weakness and was able to not only devise a clear program of exercises that would help strengthen these areas . Maria clearly showed our daughter how to carry the exercises out and then also emailed us the exercises. A little trip for us from London to Hove but totally worth it we will be employing Maria’s services again we highly recommend her.

Mrs N. Ward – Tooting/London

Highly recommended….Having had a lower back problem with pain and subsequent sleepless nights, Maria quickly identified the issue, and having treated it with physiotherapy and Acupuncture the pain disappeared. Not just a quick fix she identified underlying issues and gave me suitable exercises to avoid having the problem return…

Mr S.Woodgate – Hove

Recommended by my insurance company. Very Thorough. Helped me back to worksooner than I would have ever dreamed. Professional and reliable.

Mr S.Barr – Hailsham

I cannot recommend Maria highly enough. Knowledgeable, calm and freindly. I am very glad I found her clinic.

Miss H. Linklater-Johnson – Hove

I would highly recommend Maria. I had a long term tennis shoulder injury that Maria has resolved along with severe neck pain and tension that I had been suffering. Incredibly pleased with the results!!

Mrs J. Nutbean – Hove

Maria is excellent, extremely knowledgeable and effective in helping the recovery of my shoulder injury. Maria focused on relieving pain and helping me understand how to avoid a repetition of the sports injury I sustained. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Mr M.Seabourne – Hove

Thoughtful, experienced and intelligent approach that delivered results. I’m totally pain-free now. Once cannot praise this service more highly.

Mr P. Epifanoff – Hove

Maria is a very experienced and knowledgeable physiotherapist. We took all her advice and did all the exercises and we were given and are now completely better. I would definitely use her again and recommend her to anyone with an injury or needing physio.

Mrs J. West – Southwick

I am currently being treated by Maria for Plantar Faciitis, an incredibly stubborn foot condition. Through a mixture of ultrasound, soft tissue work and a programme of exercises it seems to be finally improving. So I am very grateful to Maria, and thanks to her, I can look forward to returning to running.

Miss M. Tunks – Brighton & Hove

We were looking for a second opinion with regards to my 10 year old sons knee/leg problems. Maria was recommended to us through a friend and we were so glad they pointed us in her direction. Maria was able to explain everything we needed to know and was informative about how we could improve his situation. She talked us through exercises to help strengthen his legs at home and was very knowledgeable and helpful. We will definitely remember to visit Maria for any future issues that may occur.

Mrs S. Maskell – Brighton

Based on a recommendation I came to see Maria after suffering back pain for many years. She offered me honest and straight forward advice on the duration of the treatment and the effort I needed to put in myself. As a team we were able to improve my posture significantly. Maria developed a simple, easy to follow, set of exercises and worked hard every week  at loosening up muscles of mine that were practically seized up. Maria gave me hope again and the necessary support to fight the back pain, improve my posture permanently and I cannot thank her enough. I will definitely be recommending MW Physiotherapy after a very successful course of treatment. Extremely professional.

Paul M. – Hove

I am a person that has suffered with side knee pain for over six years following a serious injury whilst walking in the mountains of the Lake District. I have visited acupuncturists, masseurs, consultants, doctors, physios all with no complete resolution. The doctors said it was arthritis, physios said I would have to finally live with the problem. Being determined to keep trying I met Maria who understood my past but was willing to look at the problem. On the first visit she identified where the problem lay. Several visits on I am now walking with little pain, if any at all. However Maria will help to diagnose problems and direct the patient as to a regime of exercises and lifestyle. The patient then has to put in the effort otherwise healing will take a lot longer. I was able to take Maria’s analysis and get a trainer to push me in a gym. I am know walking and enjoying the pursuit again for the first time in six years. This stage has taken about 10 weeks but the light in the tunnel is there and hopefully by Christmas I will be running again.

Mr J. Spicer – Hove

I was recommended going to Maria for treatment for a calf injury by a fellow tennis player, who had been helped by Maria for a similar injury. The calf had a minor tear, and I have had several similar injuries in the past.

Maria treated me over a period of 6 sessions, with a combination muscle massage, ultrasound and specific exercises. The injury has now cleared and I am back on the tennis court.

I found Maria to be knowledgeable, kind and always followed up the appointment with some online exercises to follow.

Mr M. Manton – Brighton

Maria is AMAZING! She fixed me! I was referred to Maria via a friend of a friend who was fed up with me moaning about my problematic Achilles tendon. I’d been training hard over the winter for a marathon and had been to 2 different so called sports injury specialists/physio’s who had both treated me, but my condition just wasn’t improving. When I first visited Maria I was days away from running a competitive half marathon with the full marathon on the horizon a few weeks later. Not only did I start to see instant improvements she advised me (in her gentle persuasive manner) that if I continued training at the same rate I wouldn’t even make the start line of the marathon.
If you want a true professional who also gives you sound advice, Maria’s the one.
Excellent service, thanks a million.

Mr G. Wheatley – Hove

Many thanks for your thorough assessment, effective treatment and professional approach to treating my shoulder injury. Falling off of a ladder is never a good idea, but I am very pleased at the progress I have made as a result of your treatment and exercises.
I shall continue with the exercise regime until I have made a full recovery and will certainly recommend you to friends who may need your assistance. As you know, you were recommended to me by John after you helped him with his knee.
Many thanks again for your help.

Mr S. Graham – Brighton

I had a problem with my left shoulder. Maria diagnosed the problem with my shoulder and also discovered I had a slight problem in my back which was hindering my shoulder problem. I was treated for the problem very caringly and professionally, and within 2 months my shoulder was as good as new. I must point out this injury had been a problem on and off for a very long time and I had had previous hospital treatment which helped, but always returned.

Mr B. Stacey – Lancing